Thrive & Conquer Fitness Professionals was created with the vision to create a space for independent trainers to build their brands, business, and services in a way that is customized to the trainer. After working in large, big brand gyms, and building their business, it was clear that there was an opportunity to create something unique and meaningful. Thrive & Conquer is a space where trainers can bring their clients in, execute their sessions at the highest level, and where their brand is recognized. We also have created a holistic service offering that allows all T&C trainers the tools they need to succeed in all facets of building their business.


Hi, my name is Adam, but you can call me Ad Iron. I am the co-founder of Thrive and Conquer Fitness Professionals Inc. Originally from Sydney, Australia, I moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2014 on a whim to rediscover myself and push new boundaries. Shortly after settling into my new home I landed a job at Steve Nash Fitness World as a membership sales associate.

How it Started

Working alongside personal trainers sparked my interest in the profession. Aside from the potential earnings and lifestyle, I could see how many trainers loved their job and thrived on helping people conquer their fitness goals. After only a few months into my employment I decided to get certified and start my journey within the company as a Personal Trainer.  It was the best decision I ever made. In my first full year I had made it to the President’s Club for selling over 100k in personal training. I was headed in the right direction and already starting to envision my own business. But first I had a big obstacle to overcome, and that was to acquire Permanent Residency in Canada, which meant staying employed until officially immigrating.


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Ups and Downs

In 2017 I acquired Permanent Residency and was finally ready to start my own business. Although I was elated to be able to start Ad Iron Fitness, I was dealing with some personal challenges at the time. My mum was back home in Australia battling cancer, and sadly, with much less time than expected, she passed away. This was heartbreaking and put a massive damper on my transition to a self-employed trainer.

In honor of my mum, I promised myself I would not give up. I put my head down, organized my systems, found a new workspace, and officially launched Ad Iron Fitness at the beginning of 2018.


Setting Goals

Eduardo, who shared the same passion for fitness joined me as my business partner at Ad Iron Fitness. We set a goal to grow our business to over 200k annually. I believed as soon as we reached that goal that we would be ready to open our own facility and help other trainers achieve similar success. In my years of work and study, I acquired skills in sales and graphic design which substantially boosted my business. Eduardo also had invaluable skills in finance and business systems. Together we became an unstoppable force, which led to the creation of Thrive & Conquer Fitness Professionals.

The Perfect Space

In 2021 we reached our initial sales goal and after a couple years of searching for the right location, we finally found the perfect space on Granville Street in Downtown Vancouver. Here we are in 2022, getting ready to launch our dream fitness business online and in our very own facility. Whether you are fitness enthusiast striving toward health and fitness goals or a personal trainer seeking a fulfilling career, we invite you to join us at Thrive and Conquer Fitness Professionals. Let’s thrive and conquer together!