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What We Offer

At Thrive & Conquer Fitness Professionals we believe in facilitating excellence in fitness and supporting our trainers to grow professionally, whether they are working for themselves or for others. Our goal is to help everyday people improve their lives with the guidance of our independant trainers, and create a positive influence on the fitness industry today.

Rent Space

Whether you are have been running your own show for years and have plenty of clients or are just entering the world as an independant trainer and have minimal clients, we have options for you to use our gym as your workspace.

Business Services

Our vision is to help our trainers become entrepreneurs. Our business services include business planning and coaching, tax and bookkeeping, sales training, branding/graphic design and websites specifically for the fitness industry.

Fitness Training

Thrive and Conquer Fitness Professionals is a unique company specializing in supporting and facilitating independent personal trainers. Our personal training services include a wide range of specialties depending on the business/trainer(s) you would like to work with.

Gym Membership

Thrive and Conquer Fitness Professionals is providing open gym hours in our exclusive, and chique fitness facility. Our gym is designed for you to reserve one space for your entire workout. Your equipment will be easily accessible to you from any space you reserve, therefore allowing a smooth and uninterrupted workout.

A Full Range of Services

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About us

At Thrive & Conquer Fitness Professionals Inc. (T&CFP) our vision is to support independent personal trainers and help them achieve their business goals so they can improve the lives of thousands. We bring a holistic approach to building a fitness business. Not only can trainers lease space at our brand new facility on Granville Street in Downtown Vancouver, they can access services to launch and manage a successful company including business coaching, sales training, accounting, bookkeeping, branding, graphic design, and website design and management. Fitness enthusiasts can find certified fitness professionals with different niches both online and in our facility, as well as sign up for an exclusive gym membership allowing for self led workouts.

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We Offer Fitness Facilities For Personal Trainers in Vancouver


Spaces Available


Rent Per 45 Minutes


2 Hours Group Coaching


1 Hour Career Coaching