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Rent Gym Space in Vancouver

Many certified personal trainers today find it challenging to progress their careers. Most start working at big-box, commercial gyms, are underpaid, feel undervalued and don’t have the right support to grow successfully. Trainers that do take the “plunge” and start working for themselves find it hard to build clientele and make their business work efficiently for them.
That’s why we created Thrive and Conquer Fitness Professionals. We provide trainers with a space to work for themselves where they can grow their clientele, work in a professional gym and build their own brand.

Our gym is built for personal trainers and other fitness professionals. A space designed just for them where they can have an uninterrupted workout with their clients and where all the equipment they need is readily accessible.

Fitness professionals and personal trainers can sign up for a leasing plan that matches how busy they are and how committed they are to their business. We offer a variable rate, where trainers only commit month to month, or a fixed rate, where trainers can save by committing to a whole year.


With different package options you can choose which one works best for you and your business. Time to take back control of your expenses and cash flow.

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Floor Plan

• 2100 sqft

• 8 Rig Stations

• 1 Olympic Platform

• Common Pulley/Lat Pulldown/Row

• Turf/Sled

• Mobile Cardio Equipment (Rower/Bike)

• Office/Massage Room

• Mens/Womens/Accessible Shower/Lockers

• Kitchen/Laundry Room

• Lounge/Eating Area