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Our experienced fitness professionals lead our group classes. Each class has different exercises, weights, rest periods, and intensity. For some people, group classes are a great addition to their fitness regime for the atmosphere, motivation, and fun aspects of training with others.

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by Ad Iron Fitness

Vancouver’s first weekly LGBTQIA+ group fitness class. AD GAYNS is for all fitness levels. We are accommodating newbies and athletes in an all-inclusive weightlifting and conditioning setting. Learn how to lift free weights properly and enjoy a good sweat. You can expect colours, upbeat music, and a carefully set workout program to get you addicted to the gym.


by Ad Iron Fitness

Gain muscle by lifting weights in our group fitness class. Learn how to execute barbell and dumbbell compound movements, including squat, deadlift, bench press, and overhead press. To optimize hypertrophic (muscle gain), you will execute reps in an 8-12 rep range. Don’t worry you won’t get too jacked too fast. It takes time to build muscle. This class will also help reduce body fat, as an increase in muscle mass demands more energy from the body to help lean and tone your physique.


by Ad Iron Fitness

This is a fast-paced workout with minimal rest. Learn how to execute functional movements in a setting that keeps your heart rate up. AD HIIT will burn a lot of calories. This class is an excellent addition to your weightlifting routine to burn fat, get lean, and show off your physique.


by Ad Iron Fitness (COMING SOON)

This class is recommended for intermediate to advanced fitness levels. Learn how to execute barbell functional movements in a slower-paced strength-building setting. To optimize strength gains, we will execute reps in a 1 - 6 rep range, with 1RM testing beginning and ending each cycle.