T&C Fitness Enthusiasts

Thrive & Conquer Fitness Professionals is an exclusive training gym built for fitness enthusiasts to experience an uninterrupted workout with brand-new equipment. Our studio is designed for people who take their training seriously. Unlike in big, commercial gyms, you won’t have to line up for equipment or be distracted by overbearing crowds in our gym.

Our goal is to connect fitness enthusiasts with quality fitness professionals. We want to give them the  opportunity to work with an independent trainer representing their own brand. And a space for enthusiasts to get the most out of their workouts in our exclusive and chic studio.

Our gym is also inclusive for people of all colours and flavours, with a focus on providing a safe space for the LGBTQI2S+ community.

Fitness Training

We are a unique fitness company specializing in supporting and nurturing independent fitness professionals in Vancouver. Our certified personal trainers provide personal, semi-private and small group training. Each fitness professional has their own style and philosophy when it comes to exercise. You can learn about each fitness professional, access their website and book in with them directly by clicking the link below.

Group Training

Our experienced fitness professionals lead our group classes. Each class has different exercises, weights, rest periods, and intensity. For some people, group classes are a great addition to their fitness regime for the atmosphere, motivation, and fun aspects of training with others.

Gym Membership

Thrive and Conquer Fitness Professionals offers open gym hours in our exclusive and chic fitness facility. Our gym is designed so you can reserve one space for your entire workout. Your equipment will be easily accessible to you from any of our 10 reservable spaces, allowing for a smooth and uninterrupted workout.

Corporate Fitness

Corporate fitness is an excellent way for many individuals to be introduced to working out in a gym setting. At Thrive & Conquer our mission is to help improve the lives of thousands, and that means creating a space and a platform for people to take their first steps in fitness. This will help to not only improve  performance at work but in personal life too. We are offering 15% off our exclusive open gym membership while space is available, 15% off the monthly trial on personal training with Ad Iron Fitness...